Saturday, September 20, 2014

Behind The Writing : It Ain't Easy...

It Ain't Easy... (originally posted on new year's eve 2013)

"one of my ultimate poems...  a very very very personal one... i was at a local tropical resort at the time and wrote it on new year's eve and posted it fresh from the blogging oven... oh man... all the emotions that went into creating this one..."

"when all love is lost... there is really nothing left but to deal with the pain head on... and i am not one to just ignore and fake a smile and pretend everything is okay... it was a hard time... it really was me just holding on to dear "love"... believing in everything that i had was worth fighting for... but in the end... sometimes .. things are just not meant to be... no matter how hard you want them to.. so as a life lesson i had to learn the hard way... love... is...just (sigh).... it ain't easy..."

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Behind The Writing : For The Love Of Me...

For The Love Of Me... (originally posted on 28th November 2013)

"this was about me thinking back on how i thought "love" would just come waltzing into my life right infront of me and then just living happily ever after... but i never though that "love" would be such a dangerous feeling when it comes and consumes every part of you and especially when you have this eerie feeling that "the one" on the other end might not be feeling the same way... it wasn't wise to fall so fast and hard... and with that... my walls have come up and it would take alot to bring them down now..."

** i almost didn't finish this poem because i was stuck and had no idea how to go about with ending this poem... but at last... some fat dude helped me out and gave me a few ideas and lines to write... and that's how i came up with the last 2 lines of this poem...with "September" being the turning point of all of what i was feeling...  ( & ... thanks fat dude !)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Behind The Writing : Let Go...

Let Go... (originally posted on 17th march 2014)

"i never thought i'd be able to do it... but subconsciously... writing this poem helped me through my first initial steps of dealing with the realization of a simple but ultimate "goodbye"... there is a song called que sera sera - what ever will be will be... and really... it was just me thinking that things don't always work out the way you want them to... and sometimes you really just have to accept that maybe it is fate or destiny or all up in god's hands... such a short and simplistic poem written within mere minutes..."

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